How sustainable is natural beeswax?

Our HoneyBee Wrap are made with 100% certified organic cotton fabric (GOTs) with low dye, natural Australian beeswax, Australian jojoba oil, 100% Certified Organic Coconut oil and tree gum.

The beeswax we use is locally sourced and has been harvested in a sustainable way. We know this because we have a close relationship with all our beeswax suppliers.

But how is beeswax collected sustainably? 

Honey bees produce wax that is collected by female hive workers using it for the structural stability of the comb and honey-storage cells. Nowadays beekeepers use high quality beeswax for casting honeycomb slabs. This is introduced into the beehive and eases a bee’s life as it only needs to maintain the structure of the hive and not build it from scratch.

After honey is produced and stored in the honeycomb, the bees close the filled comb with freshly produced cap wax. To gather the honey, the beekeeper removes the cap wax and centrifuges the honeycomb slabs. The slabs and cap wax are reused subsequent to cleaning and filtering the crude wax. This harvesting process is highly sustainable; as long as there is a demand for honey the beeswax by-product will be available.

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