Pine Resin

Pine resin is a priceless gift from Mother Nature to humanity. For a long time, it is known for its healing properties.

Pine resin was used by residents of different places of the planet for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Folk healers have tried numerous ways to apply it. The healing qualities of an amazing gift, representing frozen pine juice, are reunited as official medicine. 

Pine sap of a famous tree, frozen in the form of an attractive piece, begins it's healing effect directly on the trunk. Any cut, damage to the bark creates a danger to its development. And the tree protects, heals itself independently, highlighting the healing liquid from the wound. Spores of the fungus, insets, microorganisms do not get inside the trunk. The man noticed, understood and appreciated recited the hint of nature and began to use the sap to heal it's diseases. High bactericidal properties of the resin were used in the compositions of embalming agents of ancient Egypt. Even after 3000 years, they have not lost their properties. Handling heavy wounds with resin would save the lives of wounded soldiers during the war. A lot of old recipes that use pine juice remain in demand, relevant now.

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