Do It Yourself Seed Bombs

 One of our favourite DIY projects. Seed bombing is a special tool of warfare that creates life rather than destroying it.


What is a Seed Bomb?

A seed bomb is a little ball made up of a combination of compost, dirt and seeds. 'What is it for? ' The compost and dirt act as a carrier for the seeds so they can be launched over walls or fences.

How long does it take to grow?

14-28 days

Seed Bombs require water for the germination process to activate, which can occur from 14-28 days or can take longer depending on weather conditions, temperatures should reach 20 degrees centigrade for germination.
Why do we need Seed Bombs?
Seed balls are an easy and sustainable way to cultivate plants in a way that provides a larger window of time when the sowing can occur. They also are a convenient dispersal mechanism for guerrilla gardeners and people with achy backs. A seed ball before the storm.


So why not make some seed bombs at home.


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