Are you looking to keep your food fresher for longer, all the while doing your bit to reduce plastic waste? Our Honeybee Beeswax Food Wraps are the solution you’ve been looking for! 100% Australian Made and organic, our reusable beeswax wraps will add a stylish touch of colour to your kitchen and revolutionise the way you preserve your food.

looking to keep your food fresher for longer

How do I use my Honeybee Beeswax Food Wrap?

Looking for how to use beeswax wraps? It’s easy! Simply use the warmth of your hands to mould and shape your Honeybee Wrap over food and dishes. Wrapping your fruit and vegetables in a beeswax wrap will seal in the freshness and keep your food fresh for longer. 

Honeybee Beeswax Food Wraps can be used to cover a variety of foods. Cover a bowl or a plate, wrap half an avocado, fresh herbs, celery, kale, shallots, breads, cheeses, sandwiches and snacks on the go. You can even take your lunch to work in a Honeybee Wrap.

When thinking how to use beeswax wraps, the options are truly limitless!

How do I wash my Honeybee Beeswax Food Wrap?

Simply wipe over your Honeybee Wrap with a cloth and a mild detergent, rinse with cool water and hang over the dish rack to dry. For best results, avoid any heat and raw meats. For convenience, our wraps are compostable at the end of their cycle.

What size is best for my needs?

We have an assortment of sizes, sold separately or in packs. If you are a first time buyer at Honeybee Wraps, a good starting point is with our Kitchen Collection - 4 Pack to determine which sizes are the most useful for you. This is a great way to start as this pack contains 1 x small, 1 x medium, 1 x large and an extra large wrap.

Small (21cmx21cm) Wrap the end of a cucumber, half an avocado, onion or cover a small jug.

Medium (30cmx26.5cm) Wrap a block of cheese, a sandwich, a bunch of herbs and perfect for kid's lunches.

Large (35cmx34cm) Perfect for large salad bowls, a plate of leftovers, lunches, all fruit and vegetables and breads.
Extra Large (45cmx40cm) Wrap a bunch of celery, kale, shallots, or a large loaf of bread.

Metre Rolls - 28cm / 34cm / 46cm / 55cm Great for all your big baking trays or salad bowls or any odd shape dish you have. You can cut them to whatever size you need.

Can I freeze my Honeybee Beeswax Food Wrap?

Yes! Honeybee Wrap beeswax wraps keep food fresh in the freezer for 2-3 weeks. Perfect for freezing bread, pizza dough, banana's and baked goods for example casserole dishes and the like.

You can cut out plastic zip lock bags by making a pocket bag from your honeybee wrap to place in the freezer.

Our Honeybee Beeswax Food Wraps will keep your food fresher for longer. Try them for yourself today!


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